Better Sex. More Sexy.

Join 'Sex Camp' Retreat Oct 21-23, 2016
Our Goal ... "We put sexy back into sexuality"

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Better Sex. More Sexy.

Want to have better sex?  Learn new ways of sex in addition to intercourse.
Want more connected sex?  Experience heartfelt connection, be present.
Want to feel sexy?  Play your way out of shame into your natural sexy self.
Ready to stretch and learn?  Move outside your comfort zone to see magic.
Is this a couples event?  Be with your partner(s) all weekend or play with others.

SEXCAMP explores all of the above and more in a fun, safe and consent-based environment. The weekend is filled with playful exercises, heartfelt sharing, practical tools & information on sex, body & techniques. Together as a group, we learn from each other and grow together.

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Sex Camp For Adults - A Weekend Retreat Oct 21-23, 2016

SEXCAMP is a weekend of fun, play and exercises that awaken our our natural sexiness. We offer in-the-moment experiences and proven tools that help you have better sex, sex that gets better and better. Live your inherent sexy nature and revel in your desires and instincts!

SEXCAMP retreats are experiential weekends that explore our wants, put shame away and stretch our imagination. The basis of our work is helping women and men to live in the playful innocence and joy that derives from the uninhibited, consent-based exploration of pleasure, fun and expression. Experience living, breathing and embracing “Sex is Okay”.

Consent – honoring your yes and your no – is a cornerstone of our events. Within your boundaries we help you stretch safely out of your comfort zone. Activities include conversation and stillness, movement and art, sex research and sexy teachings.

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Pairs & More-somes

Only pairs and more-somes may register for SEXCAMP.

The weekend offers individual, paired and group experiences and exercises. All weekend-long you are welcome to participate with the partner(s) you came with and you are also welcome to choose others.

To find a partner / playmate for our retreats, we offer the Facebook group SexWithHeart for Singles.

Free Coaching Session

Every pair or more-some receives a 1 hour coaching session after each retreat at no additional cost.

What Others Say About Us

"I could easily be considered an intimacy & sexuality workshop slut. With that said, the Sex With Heart event I attended last night was an experiential awakening I've never experienced in any workshop."

"What surprised me the most was how tired of new age workshop language I was in other events, which I didn't realize until I experienced for the first time a unique refreshing "straight up" language from Robert, Karen, and Chas that I was dying to experience. I didn't have to breathe like a dragon before sex, meditate with an intention, I could just enjoy the journey."

"The message of “SexySunday” is clear: “Sex is OK”. It's a normal everyday part of my human experience like eating and breathing. Finally there are people and events that can just be real about me being ok with sex."

"The Love Fest was really like summer camp. We played together, we laughed, We told our secrets and grew closer to each other. I feel like my partner is my new best friend"

"We went home after the 'Totally Blissful Thursday' and had great sex! The evening was such a turn-on. It helped us slow down, be curious, explore, and feel juicy."

"I was nervous at first, but everyone was warm, friendly, open, accepting, and the facilitators really made it comfortable to talk honestly about sex and try new things."

"I’ve never done anything like this before - never even been naked with other people - and it was amazing how comfortable I felt, how much fun I had, how liberating it was!"

"What a relief to finally be real about sex. Thank you Sex With Heart."

Regular Pair

Weekend for 2, Lodging, All Meals & 1 Counseling Session

Discounted triad tickets available when registering.

$990 per Pair

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First 3 Pairs
Get $100 Off

Become a SexWithHeart founder by being one of the first 3 pairs to register for SEXCAMP

Weekend for 2, Lodging, All Meals & 1 Counseling Session

$890 per Pair

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Early Birds

Next 3 Pairs
Get $50 Off

Be an early bird and get $50 off by registering as one of the first 6 pairs

Weekend for 2, Lodging, All Meals & 1 Counseling Session

$940 per Pair

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Work Trade

Get $200 Off

For 2 pairs that want to help out, we offer a special price. You will be able to fully participate, and help out with tasks such as food, cleaning and/or music.

Weekend for 2, Lodging, All Meals & 1 Counseling Session

$790 per Pair

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Our Retreat Counselors


Chas August

"As a young man, sex was kinda disappointing. I loved the heart connection that led there, but the more I tried to "perform" as a lover, the less my heart was engaged. It's been my life quest to bring my heart and my skills into harmony, have Sex With Heart"

Chas August, Relationship & Intimacy Coach, is a long-time student of Transactional Analysis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). He’s studied with Marshall Rosenberg, author of Non-Violent Communication, and was mentored for many years by Stan Dale, the founder of Human Awareness Institute (HAI). He’s designed and led hundreds of workshops, support groups, and leadership trainings worldwide.

Personally, Chas is a romantic who lives to love. Chas and his sweetheart, Karen Goldust, share a home in the SF Bay area, not too far from his best friend Robert Frisco.


Karen Goldust

"I’m surprised how difficult it can be to ask for what I want. And that makes it challenging for my partners to meet my sexual desire and energy - my tenderness, playfulness and passion. Sex With Heart is my opportunity to help men and women really experience what is possible."

Karen Goldust is an Intern, Presenter, Mini Workshop Leader and Team Coordinator for the Human Awareness Institute and a graduate of Alison Armstrong’s “The Queen's Code for Life” (Formerly Celebrating Women: Regarding Ecstasy & Power™).

Karen is a single mother and a long-time student of personal growth, dedicating her time and energy to helping facilitate change for the better in so many lives, opening minds and hearts to possibilities for improving our relationships.

Karen and Chas share their love and lives with their children and pets, not too far from their dear friend Robert Frisco.


Robert Frisco

"For most of my adult life, I have felt I was 'too much' sexually and I judged my wants and desires. It's been such a gift to find peace and accept myself for who I am ... a sexual being that craves heartfelt sex, be sexually adventurous and keep learning."

Robert Frisco is the founder, creator and co-presenter of the annual SoCal Love Fest. Robert is a Source Tantra CTE (certified tantra educator), an intern and he produced workshops for the Human Awareness Institute, and recently completed the year long Interchange Counseling program.

Robert has been on a decades-long personal path of sexual growth and healing. After 29 years of living in 2 monogamous relationships, Robert remains an adventurer and continues to explore all forms of friendships and relationships.

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